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Indian journal of advances in plant research (IJAPR) is a peer reviewed online international journal. It aims to motivate the research in all fields of life science such as-

  • Plant Physiology,
  • Plant Nutrition,
  • Phytochemistry,
  • Plant Food Chemistry,
  • Botany, Plant Biochemistry,
  • Mycology and Plant Pathology,
  • Agricultural Sciences,
  • Medicinal plants
  • Plant Biotechnology,
  • Seed Technology,
  • Agro-Biotechnology,
  • Plant Cytology,
  • Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy,
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences,
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis,
  • Plant Drug discovery,
  • Marine biology,
  • Phycology,
  • Microbiology,
  • Plant Genetics,

Indian journal of advances in plant research publishes Original research articles, Plant Reviews and limited short communications in the fields concerned with plant research.